Laser Chiller Filter Cartridge: Water Chiller with Filter Solution

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Filter Cartridge for Laser Chillers of Various Brands and Specifications

Prices for these essential consumables vary according to brand and specific requirements. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) stands at 10 pieces, with attractive discounts available:

  • Enjoy a 20% discount on an order of 10 pieces.
  • Secure a 30% discount when ordering 30 pieces or more.


In domains like manufacturing, medical, or research where laser technologies are employed, precision is paramount. An essential component in this mix is the chiller filter, a system designed to cool lasers and prevent overheating. Our meticulously crafted Filter Cartridge for Laser Chillers is compatible with a range of brands and specifications, thereby ensuring longevity and optimal performance of your laser apparatus.

Key Features

  • Universal Compatibility: Our cartridges fit naturally into water chillers with filters of multiple brands.
  • Advanced Filtration Mechanism: Our chiller filter technology captures all impurities, guaranteeing that the cooling water remains pure.
  • Sturdy Design: Made with top-tier materials, our filter cartridges are built for endurance and long-term usage.


  • Extended Chiller Life: With our water filter chiller solution, expect extended durability and efficient service for years.
  • Peak Laser Output: Consistent cooling ensures unmatched laser efficiency.
  • Cost-Effective: Minimized maintenance and breakdowns translate to substantial cost savings.

Extended Product Details

Material Breakdown:

  1. PP Cotton: Crafted with premium PP Cotton, our filter cartridge assures that larger particles like sand, dust, and other sediments are effectively captured. This primary layer ensures that the following filtration processes are unhindered by bigger contaminants.

  2. Wound Wire: The wound wire layer, intricately designed, offers a maze-like structure, trapping even finer impurities. It ensures better clarity and acts as a second defense line against particles, maximizing the cartridge's efficiency.

  3. Deionization: For applications that require water of the highest purity, our cartridge incorporates a deionization layer. This step is essential in removing ionized salts and minerals from the water, rendering it nearly devoid of conductivity. It's perfect for applications where soft, mineral-free water is paramount.

  4. Granular Activated Carbon: The final stage in our filtration process, the granular activated carbon layer, is known for its high adsorptive capacity. It effectively removes organic chemicals, chlorine, odor, and even improves the taste of water. This ensures not just clean but also fresh-tasting water.

Size Options:

  • 10 inches: Suitable for larger filtration setups, our 10-inch variant ensures longer operational times before needing a replacement. It's ideal for more extensive systems, offering consistent filtration without frequent maintenance needs.

  • 5 inches: Compact yet powerful, the 5-inch cartridge variant is designed for smaller systems or those requiring a lightweight filtration solution without compromising on performance.

Versatility in Application

Our water chiller and filter cartridges are apt for:

  • Manufacturing Hubs: Ensuring precision in laser cutting and engraving tasks.
  • Medical Centers: Keeping laser medical instruments pure and at peak efficiency.
  • Research Laboratories: Guaranteeing accurate and consistent laser functionalities.

Installation and Maintenance

The setup process for our cartridge is simple:

  1. Shut off and detach your laser chiller.
  2. Open the filter section.
  3. Replace the worn-out cartridge with our advanced chiller filter.
  4. Seal the section and power on the chiller.

For sustained peak performance, regularly check the filter cartridge and replace when necessary.

Why Opt for Our Solution?

Elevate your laser operations with our Filter Cartridge for Laser Chillers. Our dedication to supreme quality, combined with our in-depth understanding of laser functionalities, promises an unparalleled product in the market. Ensure your chiller's longevity and your laser's top-tier performance with our state-of-the-art cartridges.


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