We hope you are satisfied with your order. We understand that you may sometimes want to return products. As long as the goods meet the requirements of this policy, we accept returns and refund in USD.

1. How to Return

The return process varies depending on the status of your order. Please follow the instructions below to return your order.

Order Placed

  • Please send an email to info@sflaser.net
  • At this point, we will attempt to cancel your order and process your refund.
  • Please do not initiate a bank refund, as the bank will charge you a fee. This will also extend the refund process. If you initiate a bank refund, the corresponding fees will be deducted from your payment.

Order Delivered

  • Please send an email to info@sflaser.net. We will assist you with the return process as soon as possible.
  • The product must meet the return conditions below. You will need to pay a service fee and transportation costs.

2. Return/Refund Conditions

If the order has been delivered, returns must be completed within 15 days of delivery. You need to provide the original receipt and pay a refund service fee.

Product Condition Product Category Service Fee
Not Packed, Not Shipped Machine 4.4%
Not Packed, Not Shipped Accessories & Consumables 4.4%
Packaged, Not Shipped Machine 10%
Packaged, Not Shipped Accessories & Consumables 20%
Shipped, Unopened Machine 20%
Shipped, Unopened Accessories & Consumables 25%
Opened, Unused Machine 30%
Opened, Unused Accessories & Consumables 50%
Opened, Used Machine 50%
Opened, Used Accessories & Consumables 80%


Important Notice: For products yet to be packed or shipped, a service fee is applied due to instant fund deductions by payment platforms, such as PayPal, Visa, etc, at the moment of transaction. This fee's percentage is derived from the total order cost. Please be aware that any incurred bank charges, taxes, and shipping expenses will be fully subtracted. No product exchanges will be entertained once delivered. All items, their packaging, and materials must return in pristine condition. Machinery or components should have no more than 3 uses. Stand-alone consumables are ineligible for return.

3. How Long Does a Refund Take

To process your return promptly, please include a packing list, order number, and customer name, etc., in the package. If you are returning the order yourself, please contact customer support (support@sflaser.net) and provide the tracking number so we can track the progress of the shipment. After we receive the returned product, it usually takes 10-15 business days to process the refund. We will inspect the condition of the product, and once approved, we will send you a confirmation email. After that, the bank will handle the remaining refund process. If you have not received a refund for a long time after receiving the confirmation email, please contact your bank.

4. Disclaimer

Only approved return requests are accepted. Sky Fire Laser reserves the right to refuse returns of any merchandise that does not meet the requirements of the return and refund policy. Sky Fire Laser only accepts returns sent to the address provided in your return confirmation email. Sky Fire Laser does not accept any on-site returns. All returns must be mailed.

5. Questions?

Feel free to send us an email at info@sflaser.net at any time.