Exporter (Seller) - Sky Fire Laser

  • Shipping Location: All Sky Fire Laser products are shipped from China.
  • Freight Policy: The FedEx shipping costs provided online include transportation and the fees for customs clearance in China, which is the CFR (Cost and Freight) price.
  • Import Tax Responsibility:
    • 1. For goods transported by FedEx, we generally default to CFR terms. The buyer is required to complete customs clearance with the assistance of FedEx. Taxes and customs service fees are charged separately by FedEx to the buyer. Sky Fire Laser will assist the buyer in providing necessary documents for customs clearance as required by FedEx. The import duty rates for our goods in various countries can be estimated by referring to the "Tariff Rates" on our website. Since tax policies vary by country, the final taxes paid are subject to the customs of the respective country.
    • 2. For goods transported by other carriers, please consult our staff and confirm the final freight and price terms, which will be based on actual negotiations.

Importer (Buyer)

  • Tax Responsibility: In some importing countries and regions, different amounts of taxes may be charged based on the buyer's identity, the type of imported goods, and the value of the goods. For specific commodity import duty rates, please refer to the "Tariff Rates" on our website.
  • Handling Import Taxes: Generally, following CFR terms, the buyer is responsible for paying import customs duties. If the buyer has special requirements, please contact our staff in time, and the terms will be based on actual negotiations.

Important Notice

  • Buyers Should Understand Local Tax Policies: We advise all buyers to understand the import tax policies of their country or region before placing an order to avoid unexpected tax burdens upon receipt of goods.
  • Assistance in Inquiry: If you have any questions about potential import taxes, you can contact Sky Fire Laser at info@sflaser.net, and we will try our best to provide relevant information and assistance.