BN101 GS Handheld Laser Welding & Cleaning Head and System

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Overview : Single Oscillating Mirror Handheld Cleaning Head

The Single Oscillating Mirror Handheld Cleaning Head is a cutting-edge cleaning solution designed to revolutionize cleaning processes in various industries. With its lightweight and compact design, it offers unparalleled convenience and ease of use while ensuring optimal cleaning efficiency.



Feature Description
Lightweight and Compact Easy to handle and transport, suitable for various cleaning applications.
User-Friendly Operation Simple controls and intuitive interface for easy use.
Ergonomic Design Designed with ergonomic principles for comfortable and efficient operation.
Customizable Process Editable process library allows for quick and efficient cleaning initiation.
Adjustable Parameters Highly adjustable process parameters enable precise control for different scenarios, ensuring substrate safety.
Optimized Design Air curtain protection and rotating light gate design ensure product safety, stability, and reliability.
Enhanced Safety Measures Multiple safety features ensure high levels of safety and security during operation, safeguarding production.


    Technical Specifications  (DOWNLOAD for User Manual):

    • Power Rating: 2000W
    • Aperture Diameter: 10mm
    • Swing Range: 0-300mm
    • Wavelength Compatibility: 1070±10nm
    • Weight: ~0.85kg



    • Streamlined cleaning processes
    • Enhanced efficiency and productivity
    • Substrate-friendly cleaning without damage
    • Reliable and secure operation
    • Versatile applications for various scenarios


    •  BN101 Laser Cleaning and Welding Heads:

      • Packaging Dimensions: 380mm x 340mm x 265mm
      • Packaging Weight: Approximately 6kg
    • Wire Feeder:

      • Packaging Dimensions: 580mm x 310mm x 500mm
      • Packaging Weight: Approximately 15kg


    What is in the box :

    • BN101 Handheld Cleaning Head: 1 unit
    • Handheld Cleaning Control System: 1 unit
    • Raytools Handheld Cleaning Touch Screen Software: 1 unit
    • Switching Power Supply: 1 unit
    • Standard Accessories Package: 1 unit
    • Motor Cable: 1 unit
    • Wire Feeder: 1 unit
    • Switching Power Supply Cable Kit: 1 unit


    Transform your cleaning operations with the Single Oscillating Mirror Handheld Cleaning Head. Designed for ease of use, efficiency, and safety, it offers a comprehensive solution for your cleaning needs.

    BN101 Laser Cleaning and Welding Heads: Packaging Dimensions: 380mm x 340mm x 265mm Packaging Weight: Approximately 6kg Wire Feeder: Packaging Dimensions: 580mm x 310mm x 500mm Packaging Weight: Approximately 15kg

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