High Speed Metal Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine-Slicer Series

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Slicer Series: High Speed Metal Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

I. Introduction

Our High-Speed Metal Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is ideal for processing metal tubes in a variety of industries. We continually innovate to offer advanced technology and research and development capabilities, while also customizing solutions to meet your specific needs, providing the best cost-effective laser equipment products on the market.


The machine is perfect for industries including:

  • Hardware accessories
  • Furniture
  • Bathroom equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Sports equipment
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Architectural decoration
  • Electrical appliances
  • Elevator equipment
metal tube cutting sample

II. Product Introduction

Name and Purpose of the Equipment

  • Name: SF-Slicer Series: High-Speed Professional Laser Tube Cutting Machine
  • Purpose: Cutting of various types of tubes into any shape.

Device Image

real machine of metal tube high speed fiber laser cutter

Laser Equipment Features

Our machine offers:

  • Fast speed and high efficiency: with an acceleration of up to 1.6G, it is 5-6 times more efficient than a regular tube cutting machine.
  • Wide cutting range and easy to operate: the machine can cut a variety of tube types including round tubes, square tubes, elliptical tubes, special-shaped tubes, etc.
  • Small tail material blind area, saving material and reducing subsequent processes.
  • Tracking cutting: equipped with an integrated height adjuster to easily handle deformed tubes.

Feeding Options

Options: manual / semi-automatic / fully automatic.

Precision Annealing Process of Bed

The bed uses strict welding and annealing processes to ensure long-term stable operation and cutting accuracy.

machine bed of slicer

Equipment Parameters

Parameter Details
Laser Generator Raycus / MAX
Laser Head Ospri / Raytools
Water Chiller Hanli
Chuck Beut/Cantini Precision
Servo Motor ADTECH
Guide Rail Slider Taiwan TBI
Tubing Processing Range 10-120MM (Diagonal ≤120MM for square tube)
Rack Configuration Optional receiving rack
Shortest Cutting Length 1mm
Feeding Length 1000mm-6200mm
Cutting Material Thickness Depending on the power of the laser (e.g., ≤3.0mm thickness is recommended for 1500W)
Cut Width 0.1-0.15mm
Machine Repeated Positioning Accuracy ±0.05mm
Maximum Acceleration 1.6G
Power Requirements 380V/50Hz
Total Weight of the Equipment About 4 tons
Footprint 9210mm (L) x 1940mm (W) x 2100mm (H)

III. Core Component Introduction

3-1 Laser Generator: Raycus / MAX

  • Modular Design, Stable Performance: The internal structure uses a separate design for photoelectric modules, ensuring more stable operation.
  • Convenient Maintenance, Reduced Downtime: Optical modules, electrical modules, control units, and drive units can be directly replaced, upgraded, and maintained at the customer's site.
  • Customizable to Meet Various Needs: Users can choose fibers of different core diameters based on diverse processing requirements, satisfying differentiated processing needs.
  • Uniform Energy Distribution of Light Plate, Stable Processing: Reduces welding spatter, making thick plate cutting more stable.
  • Multiple Scenarios, Broad Applications: Can be integrated with laser processing heads, galvo scanners, robots, machine tools, etc., for fine laser cutting, precision welding processing, used in 3C, hardware, medical, automotive, aviation, and other fields.
max laser generator

3-2 Laser Cutting Head: Ospri / Raytools

Product Description:

  • Originated from Switzerland, inheriting quality. Ray Tools can provide various laser optical path products - laser processing heads, light guiding arms, and related peripherals. Their products are comprehensive, strong in performance, and diverse in choice, catering to different laser processing needs of OEMs: cutting, welding, surface treatment.


  • Dustproof Level IP65: Fully enclosed optical path, virtually zero chances of lens contamination.
  • Focus Adjustment: Flexibly adjust the focus scale, unify the zero focus position, and no longer worry about adjusting process parameters.
  • Design Features: Modular, elongated nozzle design, minimizing workpiece interference.
  • Cooling Mechanism: Collimation lens, focusing lens, and nozzle all have built-in cooling functions, effectively addressing the heat issues during cutting.
  • Improved Interface: Integrated body design, the improved QBH fiber interface no longer suffers from jamming due to rusting or water leakage issues.
  • Specifications:
  • Feature


    Fiber Interface


    Light Aperture


    Collimation Lens Focal Length


    Focusing Lens Focal Length


    Protective Lens - Collimation


    Protective Lens - Focusing


    Nozzle Specifications

    Single layer, Double layer, Non-standard

    Nozzle Aperture

    1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm

    Auxiliary Gas Pressure




3-3 Control System: FSCUT3000S

Product Overview:

  • The FSCUT3000 laser cutting control system is a high-performance open-loop laser control system independently developed by Shanghai Bochu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. It is widely used in metal and non-metal laser cutting fields. Due to its outstanding performance in the mid-power fiber laser cutting field, it is favored by high-end users.


  • Adaptive Control: Supports real-time core deviation compensation, reduces tube clamping requirements, and greatly improves hole piercing accuracy. Supports angle steel and channel steel cutting. Supports the setting of individual corner processes to improve tube corner cutting quality. Supports automatic loading and unloading and cyclic processing, supports standard automated feeding actions. Compatible with all features of the FSCUT2000 laser cutting system.
  • High Precision: Open-loop control system, adopting Bochu's fifth-generation motion control algorithm. Trajectory accuracy is 0.02mm, positioning accuracy is 0.001mm, and repeat positioning accuracy is 0.003mm. Supports real-time feedback from encoders, adding error measurement tools for acquiring the machine tool's optimal motion parameters.
  • Software Features: Bochu TubePro tube cutting software (hereinafter referred to as TubePro) is a professional cutting software used for processing various tubes. It seamlessly integrates with Tubest nesting software, with Tubest handling parts nesting, shared edge cutting, basic processes, and special process handling. After exporting the processing file, you can directly use TubePro for cutting.
Control System: FSCUT3000S

3-4 Single Axis Servo System

Inovance Single-axis Servo System is a high-performance AC servo system for medium and low power. The product series has a power range from 50w to 7.5kw and supports Modbus. It supports communication protocols such as CANopen, CANlink, Profinet, and by using the corresponding communication interface, multiple servo drives can be networked and run in coordination with a superior machine.

Hui Chuan's single-axis servo system

3-5 Water Chiller: Hanli

◆ The chiller adopts a high-quality stainless steel circulating pump with high flow, high head, low noise, and long lifespan. The stainless steel water tank, piping, and stainless steel valve parts will never rust.

◆ The control system uses a computer controller with a CPU for full automatic control. The operation is simple and intuitive. The control accuracy reaches ±0.1℃; It features an automatic fault diagnosis function, directly displaying the fault point on the screen, prompting users to deal quickly to prevent component and equipment damage.

◆ The "dual temperature" precision water chiller provides stable and precise water temperature control for the laser, and also provides a water temperature close to the ambient temperature for lens cooling. This addresses the problem of lens condensation damage due to low-temperature water cooling, making it the best choice for overall laser equipment cooling.

Water Chiller: Hanli

IV. Configuration List

Serial No. Name Brand/Origin Model/Parameters Quantity Remarks
1 Laser Max/Raycus 1500W 1 set Standard configuration 1500W, selectable power
2 Cutting Head Raytools/Ospri Fiber Laser Cutting Head 1 set Standard configuration with height adjuster
3 Control System Shanghai Bochu FSCUT3000S 1 set -
4 Rotary Pneumatic Chuck Biyoute/Runyuan Type 120 1 set Precision 0.005mm
5 Z-axis Ball Screw Taiwan TBI - 1 piece -
6 X.Y.Z. Axis Guide Rails Taiwan TBI - 3 sets -
7 X.Y.Z.B1.B2 Axis Servo Motors and Drivers Huichuan All-Bus Servo 5 sets -
8 Gear Rack Taiwan YYC - Several -
9 Reducer Japan Deshbor - 2 sets -
10 Pneumatic System Taiwan Airtac - Several -
11 Electric Proportional Valve Taiwan Airtac/Japan SMC - 1 piece -
12 Machine Tool Accessories Self-Produced Standard 1 set -
13 Machine Tool Bed Self-Produced Standard 1 set All series annealing process
14 Control Cabinet Self-Produced Standard 1 set -
15 Circuit Breaker, Relay France Schneider - 1 set -
16 Power Supply France Schneider - 1 set -
17 Cooling System Hanli HL1500 1 set -
18 Feeding System Self-Produced - 1 set The feeding rack is optional according to requirements


V. Equipment Use Analysis

5.1 Basic Usage Requirements

  1. Environment requirement for the fiber laser: temperature 15-35℃, relative humidity below 85%.

  2. On-site power distribution cabinet: 380V50Hz, equipped with short-circuit protection, etc.

  3. The equipment should be grounded specifically, and the grounding resistance should not exceed 4Ω.

  4. Necessary lifting equipment and personnel should be provided.

  5. Materials like steel plates, required for on-site equipment debugging, should be provided.

  6. Necessary auxiliary conditions for the normal operation of the laser cutting equipment:

    ①Rated input voltage of the equipment: 380V/50Hz; Voltage stability: ±5% (voltage regulator recommended).

    ②Compressed air supply device (suggest configuration of an air storage tank, cold dryer); Rated pressure: high pressure not less than 1.6Mpa, low pressure not less than 0.6Mpa; Air flow: greater than 1.0m³/minute, volume: 1 m³.

    ③Auxiliary gases; Cutting auxiliary gas, purity requirement; Nitrogen (N2) ≥99.99%, compressed air ≥1.6 Mpa. (For tubes below 3mm (carbon steel, stainless steel), air cutting can be used, which is more cost-effective).

5.2 Installation Instructions and Requirements

  • After signing the contract, our company will understand the geographical location of your factory as soon as possible to determine the specific installation location of the equipment. We will provide the equipment installation guide within 7 working days after the contract takes effect.

  • Before installation and debugging, you should prepare the equipment foundation according to the installation guide provided by our company to ensure that the equipment installation site meets the equipment installation requirements.

  • Once you have completed the equipment installation guide, our personnel will bring necessary tools to conduct the installation and debugging work upon the arrival of the goods. Within 5 days, we will be responsible for completing the installation, debugging, technical indicator testing, trial cutting, training, acceptance and delivery for user use. (Technical training personnel need to provide meals and accommodation).

  • All equipment provided in the contract will be installed and debugged by our company. After the equipment installation and debugging is completed, our company will first self-inspect the equipment. When all technical indicators meet the technical requirements of the contract, both parties will then accept and use the equipment.

VI. Equipment Operating Cost Analysis

6-1 Electricity Consumption (Example: 1500W)


Power (KW)

Total Power

Laser (1500W)



Water Chiller






Servo Motors

1.0 each

4KW/h total



6-2 Gas (Example: Air Compressor 15KW/1.6Mpa)



Usage Rate

Total Gas Consumption

Cutting Effect






Black edge

Example: Cutting 1.5mm stainless steel





Smooth edge, no oxidization

Preferred for precision cuts

6-3 Consumables


Lifespan (hours)


Protective mirror


Proper usage environment prolongs component life



Replace regularly for precise laser focusing



Clean regularly, avoid scratches

Remarks: Based on 300 hours of usage, it's approximately 0.2rmb/hour. The cost of using a single 1500W machine is: (electricity consumption + air compressor + consumables). Electricity 6.6 + gas 9 + consumables 0.2 = 16rmb/hour.

Efficiency (Laser official data)

Material Power Thickness Speed Remarks
Stainless Steel / Carbon Steel 1000w 1.0 20-24m/min -
2.0 5.4m/min -
1500w 1.0 28-32m/min -
2.0 7.5m/min -
3.0 4m/min -
2000w 1.0 38m/min -
2.0 12m/min -
3.0 7m/min -

Total Weight: About 4 tons; dimension: 9210mm (L) x 1940mm (W) x 2100mm (H).

Shipping Information

Shipping Time and Costs

  • Delivery Timeframe: 5-10 business days.
  • Machines: Fees calculated at checkout or via email at info@sflaser.net.
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  • Consumables: Shipped free of charge.

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1. Overview

We strive for your satisfaction with every order. Understanding that returns may sometimes be necessary, we offer a refund in USD, provided the goods meet our policy requirements.

2. How to Return

Before Delivery

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After Delivery

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Important: Service fees apply due to instant fund deductions by payment platforms. Bank charges, taxes, and shipping expenses are deducted from refunds. No exchanges. Items must return in pristine condition, with machinery/components having no more than 3 uses. Stand-alone consumables are non-returnable.

4. Refund Processing Time

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5. Disclaimer

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6. Questions?

For any inquiries, email us at info@sflaser.net.

1 year for machine body and 2 years for laser source

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