Laser Retrofitting 6000W Configuration

Collection: Laser Retrofitting 6000W Configuration

The "Laser Retrofitting 6000W Configuration " collection encompasses the essential elements to transform your laser cutting machine into a more efficient and modern system. This includes:

  • Fiber Laser Generator: The component replaces the traditional CO2 laser source with a laser generator from brands like Raycus, Maxphotonics, and BWT. It offers enhanced efficiency, precision, and a smaller footprint.
  • Fiber Laser Cutting Head Raytools BM06K: This precision cutting head is expertly crafted to perform with fiber laser operations and delivers unparalleled speed and accuracy. Furthermore, it seamlessly adapts to a wide range of materials, making it the ultimate tool for all your cutting needs.
  • Water Chiller: A laser chiller, such as Tongfei, Hanli, or S&A (Teyu), is crucial to manage the fiber laser system's efficient and safe operation within the optimal temperature range.

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