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CO2 RF Tube Laser Marking Machine-SF-RFLM150-8080



    Our CO2 RF Tube Laser Marking Machine from China boasts high efficiency at an affordable price. Made for metal and non-metal marking, it eliminates the need to change flat-field lenses for different marking areas and offers a superior laser spot. A plug-and-play system, operational post-installation without adjustment. Equipped with an imported RF laser tube, it offers a powerful laser, excellent laser spot, stable laser generation, and over 20,000 hours lifespan. Precision in both cutting and engraving, it delivers 20% higher efficiency compared to similar models from other manufacturers. Features include a professional thermostatic water cooling system and a rigorous protection control system for 24-hour operation. Compatible with AutoCAD, CorelDraw, Photoshop and supports PLT, DXF, BMP formats. Especially useful for RBI marking with light guide plates or acrylic, and tasks with paper, foam, leathers, and footwear.



    Designed in China and popular in India, our machine is versatile in marking and engraving a variety of nonmetal materials including leather, fabrics like soft, flocking, denim, corduroy, and velvet, wallpaper, rubber, wood, bamboo, glass, ceramic tiles, plastic, marble, jade, and crystal. Ideal for clothing, textiles, luggage, arts & crafts, bamboo and wood crafting, advertising, home and hotel interiors, exhibition decor, and car ornamentation.





    Max working Area

    600*600mm /800*800mm/1200*1200mm/1500*1500mm (Optional)

     Laser power

    150watts/250 watts/350watts

    Power Consumption

    ≤ 5-7kWh

    Life Span

    Over 20000 hours

    Marking Speed



    MDF/Strip/Honeycomb worktable

    Laser Source

    US Coherent RF Metal Laser Source

    Laser Wavelength


    Laser Frequency


    Focusing method

    3D dynamic focusing system

    System Support


    Output Compatibility

    Auto CAD, Photoshop, CorelDRAW etc

    File Formats

    PLT, DXP, BMP, JPG, AI etc

    Software Character

    Integrated Function of Dotting Design, Vector Drawing, Marking, Scribing and Cutting

    Power Supply


    Cooling Way

    Circulation of Water Cooling




    Selling Units

    Single item

    Single package size


    Gross weight


    Package Type


    Lead time

    15 d negotiable


    Featuring a CO2 RF Laser Source from the renowned US brand COHERENT, our machine stands out for its stellar performance. With a 3D dynamic focusing system, the machine is engineered for precision across vast working areas. Its high-quality laser system ensures a minimum cutting line width of 0.15mm, translating to unparalleled precision. Ideal for large projects, it can churn out between 7,000 to 10,000 wedding cards daily, with efficiency 13 to 15 times more than a standard CO2 laser plotter and 5 to 6 times more than average CO2 laser marking machines. An optional CCD positioning feature further heightens its precision.


    Outstanding Performance with CO2 RF Laser Source from COHERENT

    Our machine utilizes a CO2 RF Laser Source from the prestigious US brand, COHERENT, ensuring premium laser beams and enduring performance. Complemented by a high-accuracy digital scanner and Sunic`s powerful, proprietary control software, this device offers unmatched cutting precision and vast compatibility. It stands as a reliable and efficient tool for diverse operations.

    Maximized Productivity with Large Working Area and Dynamic 3D Focusing

    Our machine incorporates a 3D dynamic focusing scanning system, allowing automatic focus distance adjustment via software control. This ensures every corner within the expansive working area hits the right focus point. With a maximum working area ranging from 600x600mm to 800x800mm, this system optimizes precision across larger formats, boosting your productivity.

    Achieve Precision Cutting with Exceptionally Small Laser Beam

    Boasting a high-quality laser system and optical system, our machine is capable of producing incredibly fine cutting lines. It delivers unparalleled precision, with the minimum cutting line width reaching an impressive 0.15mm. This feature ensures detailed work and superior accuracy in every cut, defining the essence of precision engineering.

    Clean and Precise Cuts with Zero Burning Marks

    Unlike conventional CO2 laser cutting machines, our SCM2000 model delivers impeccably clean cuts with a pristine finish on paper cards, leaving no burning marks. This refinement ensures top-quality outcomes, making our machine an ideal choice for those demanding superior accuracy and a polished end product.

    High Production Capacity for Unmatched Efficiency

    Our machine excels in productivity, capable of generating 7,000 to 10,000 wedding cards daily. Its efficiency is 13 to 15 times greater than that of a standard CO2 laser plotter and 5 to 6 times higher than a typical CO2 laser marking machine. This high-capacity operation ensures rapid turnaround, making it an ideal solution for large-scale, time-sensitive projects.

    Enhanced Accuracy with Optional CCD Positioning

    The machine also offers an optional CCD positioning feature, delivering superior accuracy for printed sheet cutting. This additional function brings precision to a new level, ensuring your cutting tasks are as precise as possible, making it an excellent tool for intricate, detailed projects.











    Selling Units: Single item; Package Size: 650mm870mm1100mm; Gross Weight: 140kg; Package Type: WOOD PACK; Lead Time: 15 days (negotiable).

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    1 year for machine body and 2 years for laser source

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