FSCUT8000: Flagship Laser Cutting EtherCAT bus system 8KW with HypCut

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Summary and Comparison of FSCUT8000C and FSCUT8000A (Flagship)

Both the FSCUT8000C and the FSCUT8000A are designed for 6-60kw power laser cutting. Here's a comparative summary:

Common Features:

  • Power Range: 6-60kw laser cutting
  • Software: HypCut-2D Cutting and CypNest-2D Nesting

Hardware and Features Comparison:

Attribute/Feature FSCUT8000C FSCUT8000A (Flagship)
Master Controller BMC2282-Master Motion Controller HypPanel & HypTropic
Keyboard WKB-Wireless Keyboard WKB-Wireless Keyboard
Terminal Board HPL2720E-I/O Terminal Board HPL2720E-I/O Terminal Board
Height Controller BSC210E-Height Controller BSC210E-Height Controller
9-Stage Piercing ✔️ (Improved piercing on ultra-thick plates) ✔️ (Improved piercing on ultra-thick plates)
Slag-Free Cutting ✔️ (Enhanced inner and outer contour cutting) ✔️ (Enhanced inner and outer contour cutting)
Smooth MicroJoint ✔️ (Smooth cutting & efficient unloading) ✔️ (Smooth cutting & efficient unloading)
Auto Recut ✔️ (Automatic recut with in-head sensor for plasma detection) ✔️ (Automatic recut with in-head sensor for plasma detection)
Cutting Path Monitor ✔️ (Quality monitoring with BLT internal sensor) ✔️ (Quality monitoring with BLT internal sensor)
Smart Piercing ✔️ (Faster, high-quality piercing) ✔️ (Faster, high-quality piercing)
BC-LINK Comm. - ✔️ (Independently developed; carries display, IO, and USB signals up to 100 meters)

Technical Data

FSCUT8000 Technical Data


Function Performance

  • Technique: Provides multiple piercing solutions for metal sheets of varying thicknesses, piercing slags removal, vibration suppression, close-loop gas control, and a separate layer technique for different contour cutting sizes. All of these features enhance machine production capability.

  • Vision Remnant Reuse: Allows for capturing remnants of sheets using your phone or machine camera to recycle material efficiently.

  • Find Edge: Achieves speeds up to 500mm/s in precision sheet edge finding and offers optional find edge patterns to cater to production requirements.

  • File Formats: Directly supports the production of DXF and G codes and facilitates quick processing of LXDS and NRP files produced by CypNest.

  • UI: Designed for ease with a guided and visual interface.

  • Automation: Provides support for coil feeding production, large format production, and sheet-tube combination cutting solutions.

  • Convenient Maintenance: Comes with focus correction, optical pollution check photo paper, and oscilloscope monitoring functionalities.

  • Digitalization: Integrates with Laser Cloud and MES to monitor machine status and suggest maintenance, thereby extending machine lifespan.

  • Assist Functions: Features like quick cut-off remnant sheet, automatic nozzle cleaning, auto-lubrication, pallet changer, and dust extraction improve machine utility.

Control Performance

  • BC-Link: Employs the proprietary BC-Link technology for extended transmission of display, I/O, and USB signals.

  • PID Self-adjust: Offers easy servo drive PID adjustment with a control accuracy target within ±0.01mm.

  • Intelligent Hardware: Supports EtherCAT proportional valves, lasers, and laser heads to achieve full closed-loop control.

  • Security: Implements torque protection, dual-drive position error correction, obstruction avoidance during movement, and intelligent frog-leap lifting for enhanced safety.

  • Accuracy: Targets path accuracy at ±0.005mm, positioning accuracy at 0.01mm, and repositioning accuracy also at 0.01mm.

  • Speed: Reaches a maximum acceleration of 5G and a maximum single spindle speed of 300m/min.

  • Communication: Uses the RTOS real-time solution with a communication cycle of 1ms.

  • Algorithm: Utilizes an asymmetrical acceleration and deceleration algorithm to minimize machine impact and enhance machine longevity.

  • Height Control: Incorporates the EtherCAT BCS100-E height control unit to guarantee consistent performance in distance monitoring and control.


The FSCUT8000 is suitable for fiber laser cutting machines with power above 8000W. It is prevalently employed in metal sheet fabrication factories, automation lines, and expansive fabrication stations.




Image  Feature Name Description & Benefit
9-Stage Piercing

9-Stage Piercing

Improve piercing capability on thick plates. Support ultra thick plates piercing.

Slag-Free Cutting

Slag-Free Cutting


Improve performance of inner and outer contour cutting. Gently end processing according to cutting techniques to get a smooth inner and intact outer.

Smooth MicroJoint

Smooth MicroJoint

Batch unload, piece of cake. Smooth cutting section and easy unloading ensure high efficiency.

Auto Recut

Auto Recut

Stable and efficient cutting. Automatically do recut when real-time in-head sensor detects plasma.

Cutting Path Monitor

Cutting Path Monitor

Monitor cutting quality by BLT internal sensor, real-time adjust parameters to improve performance and efficiency.

Smart Piercing

Smart Piercing

Improve piercing quality and efficiency. Faster piercing with better quality.


    FSCUT8000 EtherCAT CNC system includes HypTronic2 industrial computer, HyPanel2150 touch screen, HPL2720E expansion board, BCS100E or BCS210E height controller and related wires, etc.

    HypTronic2 industrial computer (Qty:1)

    HyPanel2150 touch screen (Qty:1)

    HPL2720E Terminal Board (Qty:1)


    HypTronic2 industrial

     HyPanel2150 touch screen

     HPL2720E Terminal Board


    LAN Cables
    LAN-0 3X(Qty:4)
    LAN-1X (Qty:2)
    LAN-7X (Qty:1)



    LAN Cables



    If BCS100E or BCS100E_PRO height controller is used, preamplifier, SPC-140 RF short cable and HC-15 4-pin cable are required:

    BCS100E-E-PRO Height Controller (Qty:1)

    BCS100E-E-PRO Height Controller


    Pre-Amplifier (Qty:1)



    SPC-140 RF short cable (Qty:1)


    SPC-140 RF short cable

    HC-15 4-pin cable (Qty:1)

    HC-15 4-pin cable



    If BCS210E height controller is used, it should be equipped with PWE cables:


    BCS210E height controller (Qty:1)

    BCS210E height controller


    PWE Cables (Qty:1)

    PWE Cables



    2D FSCUT Selection Guide


    Low/Medium Power Control System

    High Power Control System







    Function & Feature







    Protective Visual Monitor





    High-Speed Find Edge


    Vertex Marking


    Circle Center






    Inkjet Print





    Limitless Coil





    QR Code Import


    Multi-Position Processing


    Visual Remnant





    Pierce Stage







    Fast Cutting



    Slag-Free Cutting





    Smooth MicroJoint



    Auto Recut





    Smart Piercing





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