Profitable 1kW Hybrid CNC Laser Cutter SKYFIRE L8-1325-3000W/400W

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Main Configuration of the Profitable 1kW Hybrid CNC Laser Cutter SKYFIRE L8-1325-3000W/400W

This state-of-the-art laser cutter is a powerful fusion between fiber and CO2 technologies, which defines the next generation of hybrid laser cutting machines. It's a profitable choice for both businesses and hobbyists alike.

NO. | Name | Brand & Description

  • 1 | Fiber generator | Raycus, Max, BWT fiber - premium for precise and efficient hybrid laser cutting.
  • 2 | CO2 laser | SKY FIRE CO2 - ensuring versatile cutting on diverse materials.
  • 3 | Cutting head for metal | Au3Tech Manual focus head - perfect for metal precision.
  • 4 | Cutting head for non-metal | SKY FIRE - optimized for non-metal materials, be it z-laser or traditional.
  • 5 | Laser cutting system | Au3Tech (Optional: RUIDA CCD system for those desiring advanced capabilities).
  • 6 | Machine body | 600℃ heat treatment, precision-milled by 5-axes CNC center machine, ensuring high accuracy. 


Main configuration



Brand & Description


Fiber generator

Raycus, Max, BWT fiber


CO2 laser




Cutting head for metal

Au3Tech Manual focus head


Cutting head for non-metal



Laser cutting system

Au3Tech (Optional choose RUIDA CCD system)


Machine body


600℃ heat treatment, finish-milling by 5 axes CNC

center machine. High precision.


The beam


Aluminum beam


Working platform

Fixed table, two kinds of supporting bars



Transmission system

X,Y, Z ball screw

Taiwan high precision ball screw transmission


XYZ Linear guide

Japan SMG high precision linear guide


Servo system


Japan Mitsubishi servo motor & drivers.


Cooling system

Industrial Water cooling




Swinging type




Professional CNC flexible cable


Pneumatic components

Japanese SMC


Electrical components



Machine parameters



Overall dimension

3875*2714*1650 mm

Max working size

1300*2500 mm

Fiber generator power

1500W /2000W / 3000W /6000W


CO2 laser power

Optional Single tube 200W, folded tube 300W

beam combination tube 400W

Fiber Laser weave length

1080 nm ±5

Fiber Line width


Laser Class

Class 4 laser

Cutting speed

20 meter/min

Position accuracy


Auxiliary gas for cutting metal



Cool gas for cutting non-metal


Fiber Aiming location

Red light


Industrial water cooling


220V/50HZ, ±5%

Continuous working

24 hours



Packing size



Technical requirements for auxiliary gases 




Oxygen (O2)

Normal oxygen 99.5%,

pure oxygen 99.95%


Nitrogen (N2)

Normal N2 OR liquid N2 99.7%


air from air compressor

Comply with iso 008573-1 standard

Max particle size: 5 m

Max condensate content: 5mg/m Max oil content: 0.1mg/m

Mini air volume: 1m /min

Min output pressure: 1.2mpa

Ordinary configuration: air compressor + storage tank + freeze dryer + filters

SKY FIRE suggested 1.5 MPA is preferred the greater the pressure, the less slagging/Burrs


The Hybrid Laser Advantage

The SKYFIRE L8-1325 stands as a symbol of innovative engineering in the laser cutting industry. By integrating the benefits of both fiber and CO2 lasers, this machine is capable of handling a diverse range of materials. From the intricacies of z-laser to the power of a 1kW laser cutter, this machine offers an unparalleled, profitable mixed cutting experience.

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